Maren Hassinger

A native of Los Angeles, Maren Hassinger (b. 1947) is a multimedia artist who creates sculpture, installation, performance, and video art.  Before moving to Baltimore, Maryland, where she currently resides, Hassinger received a BA from Bennington College and an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her work represents a desire for discovery, which is seen in her careful experimentation with artistic materials, but also in her invocation of the natural in most of her work.

Further information

Biography of Maren Hassinger.

Thematic essay: Pas de Deux: Sculpture and Performance in the early works of Maren Hassinger.

Writings by the artist

Performances: 1976-2006,” a chronological list of Maren Hassinger’s performances composed by the artist.

Manifesto,” written in 2006 on the occasion of Hassinger’s collaboration with Senga Nengudi for “Les soirées nomades: Nuits Noires” at the Fondation Cartier por l’art contemporain, Paris, France.


“Maren and Me”–  An essay by Senga Nengudi on her collaborations with Maren Hassinger.

Featured Work

Performance Piece- Nylon Mesh and Maren Hassinger, 1977

Ceremony for Freeway Fets, 1978

Alive Performance, 1980

Crucifix/Red Cross, 1980

Get-Up, 1980

Flying, 1982

Voices, 1984-1985

Why Did This Happen?, 2002

Daily Mask, 2004

The River, 2005

Side by Side, 2006

Women’s Work, 2006


Organized by index provider

LexisNexis Academic

Black Studies Center


Newspaper Archive


Maren Hassinger’s Website


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