Senga Nengudi calls Flying “a completely collaborative piece” she made with Maren Hassinger, Ulysses Jenkins, and Franklin Parker.  Sponsored by the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition, “Afro-American Abstractions,” the artists presented Flying in Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles on July 6, 1982.

Maren Hassinger writes, “Each of us — Senga, Ulysses, and myself were initiators.  Frank Parker was present in all aspects of the piece, but I don’t think he was an initiator. The way Flying worked is that each of us sort of took charge of different sections. Ulysses was the tech section with TV, etc.  I projected films of flying birds on our white costumes.  Senga, I believe, initiated lots of the movement in connection with the architecture and grounds and I helped with that choreography as well.  And there was a woman (who’s name I’ve forgotten) who played the trumpet standing atop the wall.”


Flying announcement

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