Abstract Painting

As part of her Spring 2009 course at the University of Buffalo, Saya Woolfalk chose a series of abstract paintings and sculptures by other artists to show her students. These works of art were intended to inspire her students to create the choreography for the performance of A Ritual of the Empathics. She wanted them to think about the ways the artist moved their body to create the work.

She chose these works with the dancers from the course because she liked the idea that the dancers would be making moving pictures out of this collaborative process. Some of the images come from an exhibition that was occurring at the Albright-Knox Gallery at the same time.

(All information from Saya Woolfalk)

She divided these abstract works into six separate categories:


Grace Hartigan, Summer Street, 1956

Hans Hoffmann, Sanctum Sanctorum, 1962

Clyfford Still, 1954


Barnett Newman, Genesis-The Break, 1946

Mark Rothko, No. 9, 1948

Helen Frankenthaler, unknown work

There are three unidentified images


Three unidentified images from Life magazine of Helen Frankenthaler with her works.


Ad Reinhardt, Number 15, 1952

Kenneth Noland, Yellow Half, 1963

Barnett Newman, White and Hot, 1967

Ellsworth Kelly, unknown

Norman Lewis, Untitled, 1946


Hans Hofmann, Fantasia, 1943

Willem de Kooning, unknown, 1955

Willem de Kooning, Ganesvoort Street, c. 1949

Jackson Pollock, Mural, 1943


Lee Krasner, Untitled, 1948

Jasper Johns, unknown, 1958

Peter Saul, Icebox #3, 1961

Claes Oldenburg, Funeral Heart, 1961


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