Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum Invitation

26 11 2009
Nature's Way Invite

Nature's Way Invite

Artist: Current repository: AAPAA
Location: Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Forum, Santa Barbara, California Source: Senga Nengudi
Title: Invitation to “Nature’s Way” performance and “Blanket of Branches” installation by Senga Nengudi; “Dancing Branches” installation by Maren Hassinger; and “Ever 4 Us” performance by Ulysses Jenkins. Rights:
Medium: Card Senga Nengudi’s “Nature’s Way” performed with Frank Parker, Ulysses Jenkins, and Maren Hassinger.  Note from Senga Nengudi reads:”‘Nature’s Way’ was later changed to the title ‘Dance Card.'”  Ulysses Jenkins’ “Ever 4 Us” performed with Other Visions (Harry De Moss, Vinsula Kara, Alan Nakagawa, Ochieng, and Walter Woods.
Dimensions: Date: June 22 – July 19, 1986



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