Announcement for “Carnival: Ritual of Reversal”

1 12 2009

Senga Nengudi writes, “For this show I did an audio piece that was placed in the women’s bathroom.  It was a provocative, rather sexual tape.  The way it was placed women thought they were overhearing a real on the spot conversation.”


Artist: Current repository: Collection of Senga Nengudi
Location: Kenkeleba Gallery, New York Source:  Senga Nengudi
Title: Announcement for “Carnival: Ritual of Reversal” Rights:
Medium: copy art Comments:  Announcement for an exhibition featuring work by Terry Adkins, Candida Alvarez, Anthony Barboza, Leticia Barboza, Willie Birch, Juan Boza, Rolando Briseño, James Andrew Brown, Bernard Cameron, Maria Dominguez, Maren Hassinger, Cynthia Bawkins, Walter C. Jackson, Ben Jones, Curives Lorick, Pedro Lujan, Mary Malott, James McCoy, Tyrone Mitchell, Senga Nengudi, John Owen, Frank Parker, Alyson Pou, Jorge Luis Rodriguez, Christy Rupp, Alison Saar, Ken Tisa, and Randy Williams.  Exhibition supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Dimensions:  29 x 15.5 cm Date: March 31 – April 28, 1985