Side by Side

8 12 2009

Summary: A collaboration between Senga Nengudi and Maren Hassinger, this video premiered in  April of 2006 at “Les soirées nomades: Nuits Noires,” at the Foundation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris, France.

Of this video Nengudi writes: “This is a compilation of performances done by Senga Nengudi and Maren Hassinger in collaboration and separately from the late 1970s to 2006.  It includes ‘Kiss me’ from our Alive Performance. ”

See also:

“Maren and Me” – A 2009 statement by Senga Nengudi on her collaboration with Maren Hassinger.

Manifesto” – A statement written by Maren Hassinger in 2006 on the occasion of her collaboration with Senga Nengudi on Side by Side.

Women’s Work – A performance by Maren Hassinger, presented at the Fondation Cartier in conjunction with Side by Side.

Artist: Senga Nengudi and Maren Hassinger Current repository:
Location: Source: Senga Nengudi
Title:  Side by Side Rights:
Medium: Video Comments: Presented as part of “Les soirées nomades: Nuits Noires,” Fondation Cartier por l’art contemporain, Paris, France.
Dimensions: Date: 2006