Ulysses Jenkins Dream City

12 12 2009

Senga Nengudi writes, “This performance was conceived and carried out by Ulysses Jenkins.  Maren and I were a part of this 24 hour extravaganza.  We stayed in Rachel Rosenthal’s performance studio and gallery for a full 24 hours!  Performers and performances came and went.  But Ulysses, Maren, and I stayed there for the full 24 hours.  Unforgettable.”


Artist: Ulysses Jenkins Current repository: Collection of Senga Nengudi
Location: Espace DBD, 2847 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles Source: Senga Nengudi
Title: Dream City Rights:
Medium: copy art Comments: “Dream City” included performances by George Abe, Andre Burbridge, Michael Chan, Maren Hassinger, Calven Keys, Harold Hunter, Senga Nengudi, Nibuko Miyomoto, Jimmy Smack, V. Romero and Pilar Harnandez, Harold Hunter, The Rentz, Tony Lardge, Debbie Baily, Dianna Wade, Poinetta Nichols, and Karen Huante.  Presented by Rachel Rosenthal.
Dimensions: September 19, 1981